Release date confirmed!

23 Mar 2017

So at last we are ready. Three… Two… One! Our fantasy tactical RPG Willy-Nilly Knight is coming to Steam on 18th of May! We haven’t been so happy since our game passed Steam Greenlight in eight days. We are sure that it was our first but not last record. Long story short… Willy-Nilly Knight is story-oriented RPG based on Arthurian legends. You will be the Knight in shining armor in the middle of strange and unpredictable events. If you want to find out the truth, then you should do your best in fighting and tactics. Yes, Willy-Nilly Knight is a tactical RPG. What else you should expect? It's a great story. It takes place in a wonderful world. You will meet many attractive NPCs and build friendships with them. You will master a unique tactical battle system and crafting. And it's just the tip of the iceberg. Literally. We are fond of game development. It’s such creative and fascinating process. And the best prize is working hard at work worth doing and seeing how your dreams come at shape. All our hopes and all our passion have been invested in this project and now we are on the finish line. The release of Willy-Nilly Knight will be on 15th May. We hope you will enjoy our game as much as we enjoy developing it.