About game

Incredible adventure

Willy-Nilly Knight is a warm and cozy game that combines classic fantasy and English folklore, you will find a thrilling story based on the Arthurian cycle. The story which is familiar to everyone from childhood will come out in unexpected way. It will keep you in suspense for more than 20 hours till the very grand endgame. Visual imagery of the game is made in warm and friendly style on purpose, so you can drift into a real fairy tale and relax after a hard day’s work.

Tactical battles

As soon as you meet your enemy the game will switch to a single-step mode and you will have control over the plot. Effective interaction between the characters, the use of their skills and abilities, detection of enemy’s weaknesses make the game a success.

A real hero

The central character of the Willy-Nilly Knight is a courageous knight who wakes up in a strange place and he does not even know what is going on there. First, he pulls a magic sword from the stone and this is where the adventure begins. Where this road will lead him is up to you to decide.

Worthy enemies

The further you proceed with the adventure, the more serious enemies come in your way. In the beginning the number of enemies is limited to goblins and skeletons, but then you will have to bare the magic sword against trolls, lichs and various monsters that come straight out of folktales.

Close friends

Eager and memorable friends will share the journey with the brave knight Arthur: skillful sorceress Gvinevra, powerful and strong dwarf Kerdick, accurate and nimble elf Idril. It goes without saying that every knight has a loved one. In Willy-Nilly Knight you can even choose between two charming ladies.

Absolute freedom

Our knight does not take a back seat to anyone. It’s up to you to choose what you want to do. The exciting plot with lots of additional tasks, a huge game world that begs to be explored - there’s no limits on freedom of choice in Willy-Nilly Knight.

Huge game world and “live” map

Willy-Nilly Knight’s world is full of surprises : fairy woods, marshes, mountain passes, ruins of an old city, even fortress Anauri’s walls - if you are not a newbie in RPGs you will feel at home. If it is your first adventure it will be twice as interesting for you to explore every nook and cranny of a magic continent, a live map being a great helper here that allows you to see everything from a bird eye’s view.


There are more than 200 different kinds of equipment items. The majority of them can be crafted with the help of the branched system of craft, but to get the best ones you will have to conquer top-rank enemies.

To the most attentive ones

Lots of references, teasers and “easter eggs” will please fans of the English folklore as well as those who are into modern literature and cinema.